Part 3 of our Mac-Groveland basement remodel project finds us at the "covering" stage. This is a milestone because it means that we're past the tipping point of the project. Electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and building inspections have all been passed, and we're starting to close up all of the walls. First, of course, comes spray foam insulation, which is the absolute best type of insulation for a basement. Not only does spray foam have superior R value, but it acts as a vapor barrier and keeps moisture at bay. Any water that penetrates the foundation will be directed down into the drain tile and pumped out of the home. 

Other steps in this stage (not pictured)
  • After the drywall was hung, a specialist spent about a week mudding and taping the entire basement. That process effectively covered all of the seams and fasteners, and masked any imperfections in the sheetrock itself.
  • After drywall was completed, the tiling in the bathroom began. The in-floor heat was laid and covered with a thin layer of self-leveling concrete to smooth out the floor in preparation for tile. Moisture-resistant Durock was hung in the shower (instead of drywall). The shower was tiled using white subway tile, and the floor was done using a white hexagonal mosaic.

Stay tuned for the "after" project photos coming in part 4!
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This is part 2 of our Mac-Groveland basement remodel project, featuring the rough-in stage of building. This includes framing all of the walls and installing electrical, plumbing, and heating lines. The biggest piece of this stage was tearing up the floor in the bathroom to run all of the plumbing, and then re-pouring it to achieve the desired slope and level for the roll-in shower. 

Read Mac-Groveland Basement Remodel Part 1.
Greene Construction has been awarded the Angie's List Super Service Award twice for 2014 in the categories of Windows and Egress Windows! We are honored to receive this award for the third straight year! 

Did you know? Less than 5% of companies on Angie's List receive the Super Service Award, which is awarded to companies that maintain an "A" average on both the reviews for the award year as well as on their overall reviews. Greene Construction has won the award in multiple service categories, including: Roofing, Windows, and Egress Windows.

One of our big projects is a full basement remodel on an older 2-story home in the Macalester-Groveland neighborhood of St. Paul. This is the first of four updates, and features the "before" photos. We are adding a family room with two new windows and wells, a gas fireplace, and reclaimed wood mantle and lapboard feature wall. Custom barn doors lead to the laundry area and bedroom. The bedroom features a full egress window, closet, and direct access to the bathroom, which is a spacious 3/4 featuring a roll-in shower with custom tile, and beautiful finishes. We are excited to share the story of this project with you over the next month. Check back soon for the next update!
We've got our egress windows in full display at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show! Come visit us in booth 1012 to check out the different kinds of egress windows we can install in your home. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to discuss all of your home improvement ideas, and schedule a free estimate on the spot.

Bring the kids in to play the "fire drill" game to win a Greene Construction firefighter's helmet!

Greene Construction will be at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show at the Minneapolis Convention Center Feb. 25th through March 1st. We're located in booth 1012 which is near the western entrance, second row in (see the map below). This year we will be hosting an interactive game for kids, called "Beat the Fire with Greene Construction!" in which children can win a firefighter's hat if they safely escape through the egress window!

We'll have experts on hand to discuss all of your home improvement projects. We'll also be raffling away gift cards, giving away discount cards, and, of course, free candy! 

We hope you'll stop by for a visit!

If you've seen any of those home improvement shows on television, you know how common it is to encounter unexpected issues once the walls come down. In the case of one North Saint Paul home, we were called in to add a double-wide egress window in a finished basement. What no one knew (not even the homeowners) was that the foundation was approximately 26" rock and mortar. The interior was already finished, so it was quite the surprise for everyone. This discovery turned a one-day job into a week-long one. Most egress installers would high-tail it out of there, but fortunately for these homeowners, they had chosen Greene Construction. Damian went to work digging out the hole, and then cleared his schedule for the next four days. Check out the pictures below to see how we did it!
26" Rock and Mortar Foundation
The finished well from the inside of the basement! No damage to the inside, and a beautiful custom timber well that will last decades!
We get a lot of inquiries about remodeling projects, and the majority of them are basements. The basement is an interesting space that is often overlooked. When shopping for a home, buyers put a lot of emphasis on the above-ground levels of the home, because that's the livable space that you will spend most of your time in, and, frankly, the part that impresses your family and friends! But the basement is often an afterthought. Why is that? Usually, its because the basement is utilitarian and unglamorous. But basements are super important: they are the guts of your home. And a good basement can improve your quality of life.

Having just gutted and remodeled my own basement, I could go on and on about basement remodeling. But for this update, I want to focus on just the insulation. Why is basement insulation important? In a nutshell, it's the difference between a humid and moldy basement and a dry and safe basement.
PictureDrain tile before the concrete is poured.
There is a lot of information on the web about how to properly insulate your basement. I think this is because for a long time people were doing it incorrectly and it takes time for opinions to shift and a new consensus to be reached. What we do know is you can't treat a basement wall like you would an above-ground one; that is a recipe for disaster.

The following is what I recommend to customers. However, sometimes customers have done research for themselves and have come to a different conclusion. We are happy to insulate using a variety of current techniques and materials.

Step 1. Assess your situation. What do you need? If you've had issues with flooding or dampness on your basement floor, then I highly recommend installing drain tile. It is a relatively inexpensive insurance policy for your basement remodel. I never want to have to replace carpet and drywall in a newly-finished basement because of a heavy rain or broken downspout! Let the pros install drain tile, it's not terribly complicated, but is a ton of work jackhammring and hauling rock and debris.

Things sure have been busy at Greene Construction! It seems like everyone has projects this spring, and thanks to our superior Angie's List rating and super-duper website, we've been in high demand. I wanted to take the time to share some pictures of projects we've been working on this spring. Take a peek, and when you're ready to add your project to our list, contact us!
Thinking about having an egress window installed? They're a great investment! Not only are they important for your family's safety, but they can help to increase the value of your home by turning that basement office into another bedroom. And aesthetically, they bring great natural light into the otherwise cavernous depths of your home.

Naturally, customers have a lot of questions about egress windows, and one of the most common is: what are my options for how it looks?
People care a lot about the looks of a hole in the ground when it's attached to their house! Until recently, the answer to that question has always been the same: "corrugated metal, timber, or stone".

We'd all like to be able to afford a nice stone or timber well, but those materials cost more money, and take more time to install. For many people the additional cost is prohibitive. But at the same time, they may not be too excited about having a rather industrial-looking metal sheet there either.

If you don't like the look of bare metal, but don't have the budget to upgrade to timber or stone wells, Greene Construction is happy to offer you two new options! We're the only installer in the metro who is offering white wells and stone wells. The white well has a powder-white coating sprayed on the interior to soften the industrial look of the well, and to reflect more light into your home. The stone well has a durable laminated image of a stone wall that will add a touch of class to your view.
Both of these metal wells are built to code and feature a sturdy metal ladder that is bolted in place.

The white well and stone well cost just a little more than the standard metal well and we've goth both of them in stock for spring installations. Contact us for more information!